Yinghua Hsu

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting course, Wimbledon College of Art

Yinghua's colourful works are full of the metaphor of semiotics and are not confined to traditional artistic expression. The works include paintings, sculptures, and installations. She uses imaginative materials as a medium to reflect society and personal spiritual thinking including metal and Perspex, expressing serious topics in a humorous way to the audience.
Hsu explores the relationship between space and objects through graphical language and abstract forms. Hsu is interested in building a communication between different people in different genders from various backgrounds in dissimilar places, Hsu’s fascinated with the cultural exchanges of globalization, she believes that ‘We are equal but we are different’, with this being the respectful truth of human beings.
I feel Gucci.JPG
I feel Gucci 
Acrylic on canvas
152.5cm x 122.5cm
Marry me for Chinese citizenship.JPG
Marry me for Chinese citizenship
Mixed media on canvas
152.5cm x 122.5cm
Height: 180cm