Yunhan Chen

2018, MA Painting,  Royal College of Art 

" My work is the journey to answer several questions and practice some assumption of theory. in my practice of painting, i discover that i can see figures from those chaotic textures. therefore, I was practising from several different saturation to answer two question. why am i seeing those figures? Does those figures relate to my sub consciousness? in my journey to find out the answer, it makes my painting look different on style; however, they are all relate by my journey for searching answer. those three paintings which i submit represent three different stage of my searching - from chaotic to simplicity.  "
Pigeon walking.jpg
Pigeon walking

46 cm x 36 cm

Quit Smoking Monkey.jpg
Quit Smoking Monkey
180 cm x 140 cm
House of Common.jpg
House of Common

60 cm x 80 cm