Will Stockwell

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Newcastle University 

"I work across media utilising collage, drawing, printmaking and design. My latest series of works derives from obsessive, intuitive drawings which manifest my thoughts and ideas. I select and manipulate elements of these drawings to be translated to aluminium plates using spray paint. With each work I aim to create a screen into my consciousness. The graphic nature of marks, figures and structures stem from an exploration into how my thoughts and ideas are shaped by what I see digitally. I consider how to depict depth and map invisible forces within a two-dimensional surface. Each work presents a potential force or energy pulling away from its constraints; whether that is the flat surface or its inhabited space. The bold and direct use of spray paint conveys a sense of freedom, but is anchored by the physicality of the aluminium plate. The brushed metallic surface creates both a tangible in-between space and a reflective boundary to its environment. I produced the work to be at a scale which confronts the viewer. I desired the viewer to gaze into another world which is suggestive of ours, but with its own set of rules at play."
Spray paint on aluminium plate
120 cm x 70 cm
Spray paint on aluminium plate
100 cm x 100 cm
Untitled 1.jpg
Untitled 1
Spray paint on aluminium plate
100 cm x 80 cm