Wonje Kang

2018, MA Painting, Royal College of Art

"I am from South Korea. I have been living here in London for 2years and graduated Royal College of Art in this term. I have performed the project 'Running Painting' which is to make paintings No.50,000. After the project, I will retire as a painter."
No.129 - Moring sickness s.jpg
No.129 - Moring sickness
150 cm x 155 cm 
No.130-fragment, oil on canvas.jpg
150 cm x 155 cm 
No.137-Hermes and Belief s.jpg
No.137-Hermes and Belief

150 cm x 155 cm 

Screenshot (11).png
by-product(819 days), from painting No.15 to No.145

270 cm x 270 cm x 165 cm

Picture from www.kangwonje.com