William Harman

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton
Sandra the retired primary school teacher defeats her challenger with a nine-letter word, switching channels to see contestants take on ‘The Beast’, Garry from Essex falls off some big red balls before John Humphries introduces this year’s finalists. Mary Berry wipes her lips from soggy bottoms, a nine-year-old proclaims herself as the next Beyoncé and after all the screeching Simon Cowell gives her the fourth yes. Ant and Dec are back in the jungle, a new group of unknown celebrities voluntarily prison themselves in for twenty-four-hour surveillance in a last grasp for fame and on some far away island slow motion shots of bikini clad women and topless men (supposedly looking for their one true love) are being filmed and broadcasted to our front room tellies. A quick break for the ten o’clock news before ending the night listening to Tom Cruise on a sofa promoting his new film and getting a laugh about his near-death experience in his biggest stunt to date.

William Harman's  practice is an exploration of the socio-political culture of the western world through the droll iconography of the never-ending barrage of chat, quiz and game shows that have forever plagued television.

0-Mr Blobby Cropped Border.jpg
Mr Blobby
Acrylic and oil on canvas
180cm x 180cm
1-Our Star Prize Tonight Cropped Border.
Our Star Prize Tonight
Oil on canvas
200cm x 200cm
2-Hail've Started So I'll Finish Cropped
Hail've Started So I'll Finish
Oil on canvas
180cm x 180cm