Verity O'Connor

2018,  BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton

"The current political climate is extremely influential on my work. Politics seems to be in a continuous state of turmoil and unrest globally that it is difficult not to be concerned. Through my practice, I want to explore the effect that current politics is having on women, through changes to healthcare (particularly in America), attitudes and stigma towards rape and sexual assault and laws restricting women’s bodily autonomy. My interest in this subject matter stems from my experience as a woman as well as listening to and reading about the experiences of other women and the challenges facing their lives. The intersectional feminist movement is also influential on my work. I address these subject matters through drawing and painting. I create imagined interior spaces in which I then place figures or reflections of figures in mirrors or on television screens. My intention within these works is to create an unsettling, claustrophobic and voyeuristic atmosphere to form a dialogue around abuse of power and power dynamics between men and women. Certain objects are placed within the works to provide implicit suggestions as to what might be happening. However, the drawings and paintings are purposefully left slightly ambiguous as to allow the viewer to come to their own conclusions. My practice is heavily inspired by film and within my work I try to create my own cinematic compositions. I am particularly inspired by films from Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and Rainer Werner Fassbinder."
Oil on board
44 cm x 48 cm
Silver screen
Charcoal on canvas

50 cm x 50 cm

When you're a star you can do whatever
Oil on board

59 cm x 73 cm

When you're a star you can do whatever.p
Silver screen.png