Thomas Pettis

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Arts University Bournemouth

"My work most often looks into the idea of time, both in and around the artwork. Whether looking to the past to view the passage of time and the weight of history, or forward to imagined new worlds of Utopian/Dystopian states. Due to this, I don't see my works as frozen moments, but rather as part of a journey, with a narrative woven within the physical. The strongest example of taking and learning from the past, in my practical work would be the move from using just Oil paints, to Egg Tempera, a medium that is almost ’lost to the ages’. The way in which I both work and think, has left the perfect place for tempera to find its way into my practice, as tempera’s style of slowly ‘stitching’ together intricate pieces, seems to mirror the conceptual side of the work in quite a poetic way. It is also interesting to take a medium that is stereotypically ‘old’ and bringing it into the working environment of contemporary art. Alongside painting, creative writing is also a large part of the work I produce. The occasional unruly outburst of desperate writing once served as a separate working style, but I have come to see it as something that can influence my practical artwork in new ways, and vice versa can be inspired by my paintings."
Stories of No Place
23.2 cm x 17.5 cm 
11.5 cm x 11.5 cm
Story #3

11.5 cm x 11.5 cm

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