Tom Lines

2019, Newcastle University

"Through my work, I offer glimpses of a liminal world through painting, writing and sound: surfaces rub against each other and are broken down; hybrids and in-between things populate the nostalgic interiors of my paintings in the form of strange pets, bodily ornaments and soft toys. In my film work, I depict myself in solitude, interacting with household objects misused and transmuted into uncanny things.


From the meeting points of my core processes, I work in hybrid media, including performance and, more recently, film making. Guiding the audience through domestic scenes, mundane fantasy and abject visions, I aim to generate a form of auto-fiction on the borders between tongue in cheek and deadly serious. Beginning with embodied mind-states like depression and anxiety, I try to generate a bodily-emotional reaction in the audience, fabricating “thick air” with synthetic yet organic sound, ambiguous narratives, and densely worked paint."

Painting, 2019
80 x 80 cm