Tessa Maudlin

2018, BA (Hons) Painting and Printmaking, Edinburgh College of Art

"I think my paintings suggest ambiguous narratives, acted out by the sitter in a sort of alternate world of my own. The subject’s idiosyncrasies inevitably bubble to the surface when I paint, and it is these auras people have which I am most fascinated by. In these most recent works I have been drawn to painting with bright, saturated colours. I have started to paint people with overly exaggerated features; the mask-like appearance of the faces evoke notions of the uncanny. The paintings reflect the mood of a millennial generation: an outwardly-glossy, overly-saturated appearance betrays an underlying sense of anxiety and self-consciousness. The paintings show scenes of the everyday, in line with the tradition of genre painting. I think there is a charm to these rituals and the relationships. Although, I also intended to depict that sense of intrusion or of being watched, reflecting my experience of modern-life, specifically in digital realms. Instead of just being watched though, the subjects return the viewer’s gaze with a glare."
Man playing Video Game.jpg
Man playing Video Game
Oil on Dibond Aluminium
58 cm x 73 cm
Man with Laptop.jpg
Man with Laptop
Oil on Dibond Aluminium
58 cm x 84 cm
Twins with Tulips.jpg
Twins with Tulips
Oil on Dibond Aluminium

67 cm x 77 cm