Titus Barker

2018, BA (hons) Drawing and Print, University of the West of England

"My principal focus is texture and repetition. Often, the foundation of each piece has a simple underlying concept; at what point does something simple become complex? My linework and wordwork each start with a simple mark. But when repeated indefinitely, a dense texture forms. I have found similarities in the work of the composer, Steve Reich, whose Piano Phase bodies the concept. Capturing the moment when simple becomes complex is often encountered in the process. Therefore, process has become growingly important to many of my pieces. The aesthetic outcome is often secondary.
I have practised writing as drawing for three years, using the words written to reflect different areas of interest. The same sentence is repeated indefinitely. With consecutive repetitions, just as a spoken word becomes more abstract and less intelligible, so the written words become a visual texture. I have used words for both observation and abstraction. The Dementia and Grenfell series have been produced to make viewers aware of health or sociopolitical issues. I hope to raise money for charities by selling artwork about these subjects. I find the relation between social consciousness and art increasingly important in contemporary culture. I also focus on my own mind state. I have gradually fallen into habits that have slowly become compulsive. These partly revolve around colours. I work primarily in monochrome but I explore colour when tackling artwork about compulsions. I am exhibiting two paintings based on my colour anxieties for the Deep Painting Exhibition Prize in Swansea in August. Observational drawing has been a regular part of my practice throughout my art education although is rarely incorporated into my main body of work."

Its like living in a dream.jpg
Its like living in a dream
Pen on paper 
150cm x 300cm 
Pen and soldering iron on paper 
40cm x 40cm 

Pen without ink on paper
56cm x 56cm