Ting Hsu

2018, MFA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts  

" My work is fuzzily defined in between photography, painting and space installation. I regard photography as a spiritual painting process, using it to find the meaning of time, space and existence. In my work, the abstract images I shot are deconstructed and reorganized into another independent scene. The symbols of images are used to imply elements such as light, speed, and space, just like the conditions of photography itself. What I am thinking about is the essence of life. By constantly watching photos, people attempt to confirm their relationship with the world. And such viewing behavior is like gazing at the evidence of our own existence. Photographs are like interceptions in a continuous life experience. The photos isolate the fragments of the time. However, is the essence of life a independent moment, or a picture that is maintained by many moments?"
From Vauxhall Bridge to Charing Cross.jp
From Vauxhall Bridge to Charing Cross

135 cm x 92 cm

Still Life (series) -1.jpg
Still Life 
Photography series
84 cm x 56 cm 
Still Life (series) -2.jpg
Still Life
Photography series
88 cm  x 132 cm