Temjai Cholsiri

2018, MA in Contemporary Art Practice, University of Edinburgh

" My work originates from my religious beliefs. My sculptures represent consciousness and concentration, core aspects of meditative practices; forming the body in a state of balance through focusing on what is happening in the present time, which is the path to the Cessation of Suffering. Found objects, art, and non-art materials are employed to create tension and maintain balance through the assemblage and installation of my art. In this era of unparalleled scientific and technological advancement, people are increasingly striving to understand what it means to be human. "
State of Mind I s.jpg
State of Mind I 

approx. 150 cm x 150 cm x 200 cm

State of Mind III s.jpg
State of Mind III
approx. 60 cm x 150 cm x 120 cm
State of Mind IV.jpg
State of Mind IV

approx. 15 cm x 15 cm x 50 cm