Shivani Patel

2018, MA in Painting , Royal College of Art 

"My work is about the human body and more specifically the skin: it is, at once, the house of the body and the ground for all the senses. I am interested in developing simple senseimpressions into imaginative and complex abstract ideas about time and memory. To find something that is more than the sum of its parts like idioms, which make up the titles of the paintings. Painting is a sensual activity, wherein I try to chart sensations and shapes of thoughts in relation to memories of feeling uncertain or vulnerable. My goal is to create an abstract image that brings together human vulnerability and a bodily experience of time. The temporal is shown across the the surface in the way time marks itself on the skin in creases and wrinkles. The contrast of colours plays with the boundary of what is familiar versus what is alien in the human sensorium. Our experience continually plays with both the past and the present and the work tries to freeze this oscillating movement through painting gestures." 
Caught in a Whirlpool.jpg
Caught in a Whirlpool
Acrylic on raw canvas
148 cm x 123 cm
In Two Minds.jpg
In Two Minds
Acrylic on raw canvas

163 cm x 58 cm each

A Soft Spot.jpg
A Soft Spot
Acrylic on raw canvas

219 cm x 169 cm