Shinyoung Park

2018, MA Print, Royal College of Art 
"My pursuit in art is to capture a certain moment showing unexplainable points in the cycle of life and to deliver the essence through scene, which are influenced by daily life, social, mythical to historical aspects. This focus is related to my childhood memory with my father, a photographer, seeing the scene he developed photos in the dark room. After then, I’ve regarded image as a vehicle to show essence from the crack of reality through a moment. I call this process as distilling. Basically, my work starts from drawing, expanding to painting, print and so on. I think drawing is the in-between act of life and death and an image is the result from the process of freezing and reviving a moment in the frame of mortality. When a moment of reality is captured in an image, the moment is dead, falling into eternal standstill. The state of the image is ambiguous, neither totally dead nor totally alive. The thing I do is to treat the dead moments like an undertaker and to mix them like a magician. Such principle is also applied to my use of materials. I enjoy using various kinds of edible materials such as coffee, tea and wine. It’s inspiring for me that the death of a living thing is revived lively in illusion."
The Roller of Endless Labour.jpg
The Roller of Endless Labour
Oil on board
168 cm x 228 cm