Sola Olulod

2018,  BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton

"My paintings have been deeply influenced by the community that surrounds my life. It is also my aim to project in the artworks something that black womxn and black femmes can relate to and see the complexities of their identities reflected in. Therefore, the bodies in my painting exist within the intersection of race, gender and sexuality and I choose to showcase the optimism in their existence. They are free, catching a vibe, having a good time, liberated and celebrating their culture in the setting of a nightclub, a place where many Black womxn and femmes can discover their sense of self. Each canvas is stretched with my own version of Adire, an indigo-dyed textile traditionally made by Yoruba womxn in Nigeria using resist-dyeing techniques. Collage is also used to layer textiles and textures over figures bringing their saucy outfits and glorious hairstyles to life. "
Back It Up For The Gram. s.jpg
Back It Up For The Gram.
Mixed media on canvas.
150 cm x 180 cm
Gwara Gwara, Death Drop.jpg
Gwara Gwara, Death Drop
Mixed media on canvas.

130 cm x 150 cm

And You Sabi Do The Dance Well.
And You Sabi Do The Dance Well. 2018.
Mixed media on canvas.

120 cm x 180 cm