Samantha Nutt

2018,  BA (hons) Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts
"I am a geometric abstract artist based in South West London. I use architectural elements from the urban landscape to form my compositions with focus on colour and shape. I am interested in the different systems that exist within our built environment and consequently how this creates a language of conformity. Architecture forms the construct of our society and the pattern of our social behaviour, and I am particularly interested in social housing and estate architecture. I investigate how these concrete prisons can be a metaphor for social deprivation and how the subsequent redevelopment of these areas can be used as a tool for social cleansing."
Space Between.jpg
Space Between
140 cm x 140 cm
Square Living.png
Square Living
Acrylic on canvas

140 cm x 140 cm

Prison Cells.jpg
Prison Cells

150 cm x 150 cm