Soo Hyeon Kim

2018, MFA Fine Art, Royal College of Art

"In nature, everything happens all at once. A flower blooms, a tree takes root, and stalagmites form. All this is difficult to witness from beginning to end, because the time that exists in nature is slower compared to the time we live in. Micro events like these require multiple witnesses in multiple sites, which is impossibility. Through my work, micro events are observable through installation and durational performance. The way the work is built allows for all processes to be seen. This includes witnessing, from time to time, the artist pouring wax pellets over the course of hours, days, weeks and months. It allows for the viewer to bear witness to present time, in manageable units of seconds that are embodied in each drop of liquid wax."
Wood Grain_Blue and Yellow.jpg
Wood Grain_Blue and Yellow
47 cm x 140 cm x 3.5 cm
Wood Grain_Pink and Blue.jpg
Wood Grain_Pink and Blue
33 cm x 130 cm x 4 cm 
Wood Grain_White and Gold.jpg
Wood Grain_White and Gold

33 cm x 190 cm x 4 cm