Simon Handy

2018,  BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, Camberwell College of Art 

"I make technologically-driven work that deals with topics including automation, displacement and communication. My practice is theory-led but I try to avoid getting bogged down in it by using humour; I often try to undermine myself by bolting on jarring counterparts, like robots for example. I find that by bringing myself down a peg and making my work comedic it helps people to access the large and sometimes intimidating topics that I focus on. Last year I won the Mead scholarship to fund my research project on robotics. As part of the scholarship I taught myself the basics of robotics and built several large autonomous artworks. It is very important to me that everything I do is handmade and meticulously crafted. With the technical side to my practice this allows me to have full control over what I am making, and the intense labour that goes into the artistic side calls into question the value of labour and makes it all the more jarring and dramatic when I undermine what I have made." 
Wanderers III,IV s.jpg
Wanderers III,IV 

300 cm x 50 cm x 24 cm

Wanderer II.jpg
Wanderer II
300 cm x 70 cm x 35cm
Well, well, well..jpg
Well, well, well.
62 cm x 56 cm x 56 cm