Seunghee Lee

2018,  MA Fine Art, UCL Slade School of Fine Art 

Seunghee Lee's practice is mainly on the periphery of situations, materials, and issues once in the mainstreams and cores have been taken there is no consideration anymore from people’s attentions or from the media. Most of works are not processed same way of the previous making. Lee is always learning new ways of making in order to deliver current issues into her practice. Found objects reproduce them different ways and try to deliver what contained original meaning before we used. This is based on her anxiety of missing, losing, disappearing from relationships by time. Each works is always considered with the space, so duplicated vast quantity of objects in order to capture people’s attention. These gathered duplicating objects to each other have powering of materiality and rethinking to what meaning of them to us.
If I could across the ocean I would reac
If I could across the ocean I would reach to you
I am always behind you.jpg
I am always behind you
20cm x 10cm x 30cm