Stephen Bennett

2018,  MA Art and Science , Central Saint Martins 

Stephen Bennett focuses on the relationships between art, science and policy.
"Recent political and societal events have persuaded me that it is important to see art, science and politics as interrelated. Ice caps are melting, species are being wiped out, societies are ageing and inequality is entrenched. There is abundant evidence and data on this yet political decisions are not always based on this. My work explores whether art can bridge the gap between science and public decision-making. Data is increasingly pervasive in our lives, yet is also increasingly alienating in its complexity and vastness."
European Scenarios.JPG
European Scenarios

2 glass panels; each panel is 67.4cm x 90cm x 0.8cm

Stained Glass Climate Data Projection, M
Stained Glass Climate Data Projection, Middle East
250cm height x 250cm width x 250cm depth
Who Saw the Deep.jpg
Who Saw the Deep
90cm x 90cm x 45cm