Sam Taylor

2018, UCL Slade School of Fine Art 

"The Fool with the white plastic garden chair, my Arcadian folly dweller, lawn ornament or boy with plastic horns has become the faceless statue of the English eccentricity and the lonely garden hermit. Mirroring the trickery of Capability Brown’s 18th Century garden architecture, made up of man - made lakes, strange classical ruins, follies, facades and hermitages. The paintings access a site of playfulness and a willingness to improve nature. Lost murals, imagined diagrams, meandering pathways, blueprints for parks and blown up drawings. All disclose fragments of a wider narrative told from different perspectives. Using an eclectic registry of painterly forms, my work arcs back to the birth and life of this statue to the fool. "
Drawing of the birth of the boy with the white plastic garden chair
250cm x 160cm
Boy with plastic horns
250cm x 160cm
Monument Foundation Block
59cm x 84cm

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