Rebecca Thomason

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture and Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art

"‘TESCO GIN * POCKET TISSU * BANANAS LOOSE’ The text above is sourced from a receipt I had been keeping in my purse for months, a reminder of a decision and act made that I instinctively felt was worth safekeeping. The list could be read as an
unremarkable and irrelevant trio of items bought at the supermarket, but these six words could also reveal a hidden, private narrative, the evidence of which is laserprinted onto a slip of paper. My work entails confronting the relevance to these transient moments, turning a transaction documented on a receipt into a haiku-esque prose. I aim to translate this desire to impart a poetic perspective on life through fabricating largescale versions of disposable objects. Drawing from discussions about truth, narrative, portraiture and gender, my practice is driven by an endeavour to romanticise overlooked relics from everyday life into works of ‘fine art.’ "
230 cm x 115 cm
160 cm x 90 cm
Mmmm.... delightful.jpg
Mmmm.... delightful
340 cm x 135 cm