Frankie Roberts

2018, BFA, Slade School of Art, UCL

"I have a collection of diaries filled with brain vomit. These are snippets of overheard conversations and arguments, bits of the news, adverts, songs and how my emotional self interprets and deals with and weaves sensory bombardment. This is the crude oil of my practice, and I build on the often contradictory meanings of these words- their friction, but also forced harmony of existing in the same space using installation, sculpture, animations and performances or "sermons". I aim to create cocoons within which to access the profound and yet ridiculously flippant nature of our existence via the gut."
Even Goodies and Baddies Have Mummies an
Even Goodies and Baddies Have Mummies and Daddies
Variable, largest canvas is 290 x 190 and requires space in front for performance 
Bad Self Sad Shelf.jpg
Bad Self Sad Shelf
120 cm x 10 cm x 15cm