Rosa Klerkx

2018, BA (Hons) Sculpture & Environmental Art , Glasgow School of Art

"There is a woman who likes to dance. She dances around when nobody watches. This woman is no dancer, merely a body that moves. Improvising. Giving her mind the chance to shut off. She is expressing herself, letting go of the overload of information she takes in on a daily basis. She lives a sedentary lifestyle but sits with conscience and confidence. Her vitality gives her freedom, her energy exceeding insecurity. She is so capable of being alive that she is never crushed by the banality surrounding her. It is mostly her mind that is addressed by daily stimuli, causing her to forget her body at times and living in her head. However, her physical conscience keeps her grounded, stimulated by movement, keeping her mind and body connected. I am living in my head and wondering where this leaves my body."
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Still Moving