Ripsime Babadjanian

2018, BA Fine Art, Goldsmith University of London
Ripsime Babadjanian is a multi disciplinary artist from London. She was living in LA for three years where she was working mainly in sound, and making videos/ film.
She write and produce her own music. To assist the sonic side of things, Babadjanian started to get deeper into visuals- and have created zines, and zine videos combining poetry and visuals in one, as well as directing and producing her own films. From this, she went deeper into illustration and painitng, and the work that you see now has been an amalgmation of her past experiences over the years.
Love me tender.jpg
Love me tender
Mixed media
30cm x 43cm
Vladimir Putinski.jpg
Vladimir Putinski
Oil pastels on acrylic paper
30cm x 43cm
Don't hurt me.jpg
Don't hurt me
Oil painting on canvas
30cm x 43cm