Nichola Rodgers

2018,  MLitt Fine Art  Practice, Glasgow school of art

"I relish any opportunity to explore and navigate the rich history of our connections to the land we occupy and its lost fragments of information within. By refusing to accept conventional boundaries within art and to translate this through my practice. Walter Benjamin wrote “For every image of the past that is not recognised by the present as one of its own concerns threatens to disappear irretrievably”. History and its fragments stand as memories within the human mind, it is only when we confront fragments that memory is awakened, creating a surreal moment of connection with artwork, object and audience. Influenced by artists such as Katy Moran, Anselm Keifer, Robert Rauschenberg and Mark Dion. I maintain a multi-disciplinary practice that explores the importance of context in relation to agency. My research continues to present narratives about the fragility and interconnectivity of our landscapes, through feminist theory and gender relationships between humans and the natural world. My fascination with environments; urban, rural, suburban or otherwise, stems from a desire to document or map our deeply interconnected ecologies and the agency or lack of agency one might have within these networks. Currently looking at land, object, shadows and memory as traces, I am investigating these dark spaces and forms as metaphors for material excess and its connection to us. These perceived ephemeral entities are used to create narratives about the Anthropocene."
This Broken land (installation).JPG
This Broken land
200 cm x 200 cm x 150 cm
1-window 3 (photo).jpeg
28 cm x 45 cm
Bearing down on the awakening (painging)
Bearing down on the awakening
100 cm x 100 cm