Maximilian Wansinski

2018, MFA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL 

"My practice has always concerned itself with the spiritual embodiment of ourselves and the questioning of this relationship be it: body and soul/ physical and spiritual/ rational and irrational. Spanning installations of mixed mediums, the boundaries between these dualities are blurred, producing cohabitation of identity between the queer critique of catechistic religious restrictions and the celebratory diviner, which sees queerness as a source of spiritualism. My work seeks, through the separation of spirituality from institutionalized religions, to develop a self realized queer spirituality to heal from and protect against the normative restrictions felt towards our queer community and celebrate our unique perspective as a divination for change. The Invisible qualities of light are performed to express the spirituality of vision and illumination. Colour communicated through the visual spectrum from infrared to ultra-violet is used to highlight the invisible: stains, traces, magic. Physical representations are subverted, bibles skinned and sewn to form organic forms, reverse cast to form trace reliefs of abstract manifestation, stained with the history of the infallible text and their owners. Infrared photographs are used to explore a hidden world of queer intimacy, highlighting the unseen stains left from the warmth of lovers, producing fields of colour blurring the boundaries of the body. Trace marks, usually invisible, are revealed in exploration of the social loss experienced in the queer community and the spiritual beauty learned through the sexual connection and freedom we experience behind closed doors. "
Salted with Fire
Became flesh and made his dwelling
Fluorescent Screen Print
70  cm x 100 cm
As one does with a woman
Fluorescent Screen Print
70  cm x 100 cm
To eat with unwashed hands 
Fluorescent Screen Print
70  cm x 100 cm

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