Mihak Park

2018, Goldsmiths University of London 
"I really am thankful to experienced lot of things such as music, dance, and various art when I was a childhood, then came to study in London. I also took a gap year for two years. At that time,I travelled some Asian countries and did a Korean traditional art at studio. I back to study here and graduated at college, now working art work , obviously plan to apply to MA course in London. I have making sculptures and installation and it is all about water circulation. I am using water and I love to study about water of the philosophy and scientific reserch. I usually am assembling a machine via a water pump and various sensors that water goes up or down where the water get limited point. I am really enjoying and keep up to make a philosophical work via various methods such as Physics, Chemistry, electric, and engineering. I made a water circulation tank in 2017 and it is the most clearly expression of water circulation's theme. The water circulation tank was made by two water tank , water is going up from Low tank to upper tank. However, water is drain away once be filled almost full to bottom by U tube likely siphon reaction , then water start to go again continuesly. It work as a water pump and water sensor so I could designed this water circulation tank. After that, I made a water clock witch is an alarmed every 3 minutes. It was developed by water circulation tank. I took a deep interest in time and physical water flow demand time."
Water Circulation Tank.jpg
Water Circulation Tank
120 cm X 45 cm X45 cm 
Water clock.PNG
Water clock

50 cm x 160 cm