Megan Fatherly

2018, BA Drawing,  Falmouth University 

"My work gives status to the unseen and neglected. I attach myself to these things that create an entity of a momen or a fragment of a memory. I show this by giving these forgotten and almost disposable aspects a new entity, which is monumental and poetic, so that each edge, broken segment and line can be appreciated once more. My practice is process led and at times can race away. At this point I have to fight back and realise what the work is asking of me and what I want to achieve. My work initiative and is chaotic and at times but this is why the process f printmaking is so good for me. It slows and refines my thinking. I hope my work questions the spaces between one thing and another and questions the gap between reality and object. It is archival as I have an urge to make things I see in my head physical."
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag (Ode
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag (Ode to Katy Perry)
Monoprint printed on Fabriano 

50 cm x 50 cm

Concrete Jungle.jpeg
Concrete Jungle
Laser cut drawings 
40 cm x 40 cm 
Through the glasshouse.jpeg
Through the glasshouse
Etching on Fabriano
36 cm x 26 cm