Merve Basarir

2018, MA Fine Art, UCL Slade School of Fine Art

Merve Basarir's work focuses on cultural and localized trauma, socially constructed roles and binary pairings. Basarir's sculptures are made from a wide range of materials and found discarded objects and by processes and forms mimic the body, human habits and the minutiae of our everyday lives. By using specific materials and combining traditional and different approaches to making, she feels address urgency, questions of hierarchy in and of current system are raised to further explore dichotomy in relation to value, body as well as instability and functionality. The objects carry human characteristics sometimes cunning, humorous, and a slight dumbness mirroring the human capacity which become relatable to viewer drawing parallels to people's lives, memories and things that considered important or forgotten. The objects are set in an, often theatrical way where the conversations may be of a provocative nature, often absurd. The work can be considered within the realm of protest, not only to be comprehended within the boundaries of the art, but in everyday lives. Protest within art can be influential; and when there is action, there is resistance. 

Pussy Protector