Lucy Draper

2018, BA(Hons) Fine Art, De Montfort University
‘Stages of Fragility’ (2018) The world can be so overwhelming at times. Contemporary Fine Artist; Lucy Draper attempts to capture these states of emotion, through delicate wall mounted geometrical wooden structures, inset with fragmented photographic imagery.
Her work deals with mental fragility, specifically stress and anxiety. Her photographs employ a post-digital aesthetic of layering, distortion and manipulation. The layering of photographs is symbolic of emotion. The images used show a hectic area in the diverse Western Central India. The images increase in depth, contrast and saturation, as the drawings expand, to portray the stages of an emotion rising in intensity. Draper's visual representations aim to demonstrate how complicated, vulnerable and fragile human emotions and feelings can be. She wants to show this in a form of beauty within art, but not in an obvious way.
Stages Of Fragility - Stage One.jpg
Stages Of Fragility - Stage One
Mixed Media
84.5cm x 6.5cm x 0.2cm
Stages Of Fragility - Stage Two.JPG
Stages Of Fragility - Stage Two
Mixed Media
79cm x 28.4cm x 0.2cm
Stages Of Fragility - Stage Three.jpg
Stages Of Fragility - Stage Three
Mixed Media
73cm x 57cm x 0.2cm