Lauren Tullett

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, De Montfort University

"As an artist I have always displayed two distinct different styles of work in my practice. My work involves both abstract and more legible art creating an esoteric body of work. My work both includes photography and the manipulation of images as well as a painting practice. Within photography I include distortion and abstraction on a larger scale whilst my painting explores layers and textures in both an abstract and a more legible style. I aim to give you insights to not only myself but events that are happening in the world that I care and have strong opinions about. The most notable work of mine currently is the album cover of Trash Life’s self-titled EP that can be found and purchased on their website and iTunes. Within my work I feel like I’m displaying myself to an extent with the main work I’m producing now whilst still pushing current events and themes that the work itself is dealing with and addressing. Not only this but I am also using this to push my own opinions on the situation and the world. Whilst creating my current abstract pieces created about Hollywood sex scandals I was partially influenced by abstract expressionism and surrealism in a visual way. My work has always included themes of sexuality, emotion and my own interests showing me as a person through my art whether that be something to do with past experiences, memories, relationships I have formed or religion. With this I hope to establish a connection with my audience and to give them insights to myself whist on some occasions causing people to question themselves and their own thoughts by looking at the insight to mine. I tend to separate my work into photography based and painting dependant on the subject as this is something that has always felt natural to my practice as what I would paint wouldn’t or couldn’t be done with a camera and the same applies to what I photograph because they are very different ways of recording for me. With my painting pieces I tend to use acrylic paint manipulating them in different ways and I am currently creating paintings that are experimenting with monochromatic colour compositions, line and textures."
Lost Souls
29.7 cm x 42 cm
29.7 cm x 42 cm
10 cm x 13 cm

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