Laurie Hill

2018,  Fine Art: Print and Time Based Media, Wimbledon College of Art
Laurie Hill is a digital based artist focusing on video art works and text/language pieces which manifest in script writing and poetry. Hill's work heavily reflects upon current and potential future relationships with technology and digital media; social and internet based ideologies influence and inform my work as well. His work hinges on the language aspect and so toys with actors and computer generated voices for the works. As of recently Hill has ventured into working with selected actors rather than auditioned ones to help keep a manufactured and curated feel to the works themselves. As someone who is on the internet and using technology every day Hill's work tends to make commentaries on not only his own relationship to it but mine in comparison to those around him; Hill believes that there is nothing inherently wrong with the technologies and digital media we have around us but the relationships we have developed with them are very toxic and immature. Hill studies pros and cons of these issues as well as indulge them. The curation themes in his works come from the sharing and collaging of moods and vibes, images and sounds online in social media blogs such as Instagram and Tumblr; safe spaces for a manufactured space for 'moods' inspires my own aesthetic very heavily and there is a huge collage approach to how he edit and create his video pieces.
Screenshot (70).png
8 minutes
'Melodrama' is a work inspired by 'irl vs. url' ideologies. The characters placed into the work are generating a manifesto of digital living. Bouncing around different emotional responses, they aggressively and passive aggressively dispense their problems with how their digital and internet based living is dictated and abused. The script derives from issues I have had with generational divides when it comes to internet based languages and landscapes, with a focus on younger generation's relationship with language and connectivity since the rise of social medias in the last 10 years. The work also leans on potential exclusions of those who are unfamiliar with internet and digital based references and calls for an expectation to keep up to date in an unavoidable internet world today. The music for the work is selections from 'Syro' an album by underground electronic artist Aphex Twin.