Lara Balcerzak

2019, Manchester Metropolitan University
"My practice as a fine artist is in creating sculptural drawings and physical sculpture that work alone or emphasise each other, igniting relationships to be formed between them. The themes and context usually form primarily through the subject matter of maths and science: molecular structures, equations, geometry, space, technology. I take this to inform my work and create a series of inter-disciplinary pieces, which is an element I strive to produce since I enjoy the translation of the contrast in subject matter, of academic and rigidity, and being able to produce this into an art form that is visually stimulating and fun. Work that is holding mass amounts of dynamism in a still room. This particular set of works stems from the line; the way it's used, viewed and displayed. The line enables us to create and to view, it makes shapes, buildings, product - everything.
My work then takes the line, translates, replicates and manipulates it in various formats found in maths, science, products, nature, that provide - shape, pattern, form, - and exploring them through drawing and sculpting, allowing a multitude of line formats from different disciples to exist on one plane. Allowing creation of complex abstract relationships that culminate in 2D and 3D formats, towards a 4D installation experience. An insight into every line that has ever existed and all of what they could be."
Mixed media, 2019
121 x 92 cm
Mixed media, 2019
121 x 92 cm
Sculpture, 2019
181 x 121 cm