Konstantinos Leloudas

2018, MFA Fine Art , Wimbledon College of Art, UAL

"My work explores the manner that our way of living results in social and ecological vulnerabilities. I am attracted by the power that everyday objects and materials have and for that reason I use scrap materials and other insignificant objects in my practice. I experiment with the scale and size of these objects to give them different meanings and highlight their role. My artworks aim to depict such objects and materials in a playful and ironic way and to stimulate the viewers to think about the potential of objects that they take for granted. Reflecting these issues, I create sculptures mostly by discarded materials, wood, metal and acrylic plastic. I am mostly influenced by artists that make sculptures by objects they retrieve, or they experiment with the scale and materiality of the objects. I am mostly influenced by Mona Hatoum as I am particularly drawn by the manner that she uses everyday household objects in a unique and attractive manner to portray the systems of control within society and Claes Oldenburg that create large scale sculptures from everyday objects. Furthermore, I am influenced by sociologists and urban ecologists that explore several political, public and ecological problems. One of the sociologists that have played a major role in my development is Ulrich Beck and his risk society."
Fruition s.jpg
170 cm x 120 cm x 60 cm
Band Aids.jpg
Band Aids
20 pieces of bandages in several sizes 
Sold as Seen.jpg
Sold as Seen

220 cm x 65 cm x 55 cm