Kieran Muir

2018, BA (Hons)  Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art

Kieran Muir is a Glasgow-based artist who fashions absurd cultural artefacts from imagined worlds and events. His recent body of work references a carnivalesque “Sausage War” in which ersatz foodstuff is weaponised. These bizarre parallel universes are primarily explored through a variety of craft techniques: crochet, rugmaking, embroidery, etc., as well as drawing and sculpture, making use of recurring motifs and colour schemes which link these objects to this world of carnivorous violence. The carnivalesque’s power to invert and subvert social hierarchies is at the core of Kieran’s practice, with his naïve crafts presented under the guise of “fine art” arguing for their right to exist in the gallery space. These humble objects are frequently exalted above their station through gaudy intervention: clay grotesques treated with spray paint and cheap varnish masquerade as golden idols of dubious origins. While the work seeks to question the legitimate place of craft in the realm of fine art, its primary objective is to poke fun and invoke the humorous and irreverent spirit of the carnivalesque, drawing the viewer from the often cerebral environment of the gallery into the fun and frenzy of the carnival. 
Idol I s.jpg
Idol I
8 cm height
1-Idol II.jpg
Idol II
9 cm height
Fool's Sceptre.jpg
Fool's Sceptre

50 cm length