Keanu Arcadio

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture, University of Brighton

An ascetic from the morning as Borges, a worker from noon as Zorba, a one-of-those as Miller from the evening to. Keanu follows a strict discipline of  balancing the thinking and the doing, occupying the roles of a cultural juggler, detective, journalist, anthropologist, rouge and a kiss. Drifting amongst social groups in solitude he has made it a full-time occupation to forage for universal truths within the absurdity, banality, humidity, electricity, wizardry - what? of, this. He gorges in all things ugly, demiugly, unfamiliarity, others, people, fornication, taboos, hullabaloos, derelicts, revealing and seldom, nibbles at the Et Cetera.  He executes his work with no other material than controlled-inconsistency - Primarily.  His practice involves practising his practice in a vehement practiced manner. 

14-06-2017. A damn competent building ne
A damn competent building next time, idiots
91cm x 61cm
An Extended Thing, Too Extended, To be u
An Extended Thing, Too Extended, To be used, reasonably
36cm x 5cm x 5cm
91cm x 61cm