Jessie Yates

2018,  BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton 
Jessie Yates's work is particularly concerned with edge. It discusses, and converses with the language of painting, while feeling very much grounded in current time, through its use of artificial colours and materials. Yates finds herself being absorbed into the space this plastic occupies; painting around it and through it with a curiosity she has not felt before. The minimal, geometric surface these paintings begin with, gives Yates scope to work with and against this ground; creating ‘push and pull’ which gives the composition of these paintings an interesting edge. This ‘push and pull’ is also created through colour. The tonal nature of the ground lets the vibrant, acidic colours that sit on top, sing, thrive, and vibrate, as if they are moving. 
No.8 Don't Be Lates.png
No.8 Don't Be Lates
Oil and plastic PVC on canvas
150cm x 210cm
No.9 Don't Do The Crime.png
No.9 Don't Do The Crime
Oil and plastic PVC on canvas
90cm x 150cm
No.10 Cameron's Den.png
No.10 Cameron's Den
Oil and plastic PVC on canvas
120cm x 180cm