Jessica Wood

2018, BA (Hons) Illustration , University of Brighton

"My work involves strange surreal landscapes depicting nightmarish realities of my own challenges and trauma growing up, creating characters that consciously and unconsciously symbolise my inner demons. Using fluid, organic materials to convey the changeable nature of emotions, my work is expressive and can take on many forms: from illustration and sculpture to animation and film work. Due to the expressive nature of my work, I like to have my work open to different interpretations to show different forms of communication hence its ambiguous feel. I find my work a very cathartic and therapeutic process - putting my anxieties into a piece of work helps me to understand and realise what they are. But they are almost deformed and processed so much to the point where their meaning is distorted - under a mask of fear. My aim is to provoke and capture the audience for them to understand that we are the only ones that can take life into our own hands."
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My Story as a Suffregette
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We all have a voice
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No Glory Just Acceptance