Charlotte Hicks

2019, Manchester School of Art

"My practice highlights urgent social and political issues in consideration with the past when looking at the ambiguity around Britain’s industrial legacy as well as the changing face of construction within our country. The work not only tries to mirror key times within history but also raises questions on where this leaves the layman, the worker and his future prospects.


have taken the small town of Swindon in the South West of England when exploring this cycle of industry arriving and departing and show similarities between the closure of such corporations as the Great Western Railway works and British steel in the 1980s and the closure of the Honda assembly work in 2022. It was important to corporate source material from the time in question, portrayed within my practice with the implementation of magazines and library images. Not only does this bring together different disciplines in print and photomontage but also expresses the eras that I articulate through these mediums, allowing the audience to connect to authentic images and issues from the past."

Workboys II
Mixed media, 2019
100 x 140 cm