Jennifer Mae Spooner

2018, BA (Hons) Visual Communication: Illustration, Birmingham City University 

"After completing three years studying illustration at Birmingham City University, I would happily say that I feel more confident in the direction of my style that I would like to go into regarding the world of illustration. I’m also super excited at all the exciting opportunities that are out there and all the knowledge and techniques that I have yet to learn. I find that children and big kids (a lot of adults) are my main audience, as I think I’ll be a big kid forever. Hence my favourite quote: “You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing” by George Bernard Shaw. I’d like to think that this is reflected in my work as I like to create fun, happy and colourful things. Another big influence in my work is that I like to promote positivity when I can as I’m big believer in positivity and mindfulness. This is shown also by a part-time project that I work on called #HAPPYBRUM where I leave uplifting, positive notes around Birmingham to hopefully brighten up strangers’ days. I tend to work more in a traditional sense (acrylic/gouache paints) but can also confidently work in/alongside digital media."
You Jaguar Amazing.png
You Jaguar Amazing
7 cm x 7 cm
Animal Narrative Alphabet.jpg
Animal Narrative Alphabet