Jamie Duncan

2018, BA (Hons) Painting, Edinburgh College of Art 

"My prime concern is the urban space and its relationship to modernist abstraction and pop art. Within this I focus on the painterly language employed by both, hard edge painting and geometric design. I am interested in these two visual qualities which meet in the outside world, and how these elements can direct or navigate an individual’s attention. This shared language between past abstraction and the universally understood language of commercial design can be seen in the embedded functional pictorial devices of the city. One of which I am intrigued by is the deployment of signage. My work traces the sensibilities used in the construction of these pictorial components, such as coding and identification. I repurpose these gestures through the action of a painted surface."
Flammable Solids and liquids, 2018.jpg
Flammable Solids and liquids

125 cm x 84 cm each

Sub Switch, 2018.jpg
Sub Switch
124 cm x 71 cm each
Compressed Gas, 2018.jpg
Compressed Gas

200 cm x 60 cm