India Johnson

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Newcastle University

India Johnson's practice revolves around using still life as a catalyst for contemplating the nature of domesticity. Despite not being limited to domestic themes, by choosing to explore the home; the fabric, the people in it and observing everyday life, there is a richness in the patterns of life which are often overlooked.
Observing everyday life means taking time to look. For Johnson, the importance of looking at the unseen aspects of life involves a lot of drawing. Her practice is underpinned by drawing from life, and Johnson uses her sketchbook to observe people and places that can be so easily overlooked. These drawings find themselves repeated and refined in her paintings, monoprints and etchings, where she can work through an idea and experiment with it closer, try it in different mediums and understand the value and emphasis that can be given to the monotony of everyday life. By using objects that are found in everyday life, the viewer is asked to place value on them.
Erikas Hyacinth
45cm x 50cm
60cm x 80cm
Jug on the Window Sill
45cm x 50cm

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