Harriet Walton

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, Wimbledon College of Art, UAL

""It seems to me that we all look at Nature too much, and live with her too little.". Oscar Wilde. De Profundis (1905). 'Nature even in Chaos cannot proceed otherwise than regularly and according to order.' Immanuel Kant. Universal Natural History and Theory of the Heavens, 1755, Source: Kant's Cosmogeny, 1900, p.26, edited by William Hastie. My work is a contemporary take on the urbanisation of the English landscape. A fresh interpretation which combines landscape and still life painting, and considers how domestic plants are our main interaction with nature. I attempt to highlight the irony of keeping plants contained within our homes and how we knowingly place them next to the most harmful, manmade substances and consider this to be ordinary. The aim of my practice is to create conversation about the synthetic surroundings that we refer to as ‘nature’. My practice is primarily print based, but also includes elements of painting and drawing. Often, my work starts with drawing, and I develop the drawn image through painting and print. Repetition of the same composition is an important part of my practice, and I like to see how different media can influence the aesthetic of my work. My primary drawing medium is oil pastel and oil bars. Paintings are usually created using oil paint on canvas or paper, and my prints are predominantly dry point intaglio prints and copper plate etchings – incorporating photo etching. ¬ Drawing with loose materials, such as oil-based pastels, gives an energy to my work that I cannot achieve with ink based pens, and I enjoy the challenge of recreating this energy within my painting. Printmaking allows me to embrace a more structured, clean approach to my drawing style, as it is essentially arises from line based drawing. In turn, this inspires my painting. The development of printmaking within my practice has influenced my painting to include planes of colour within the composition, rather than a focus on expressive mark making. This enables me to draw more attention to certain features within the composition, that further present the ideas I am trying to convey within the work and its supporting subject matter."
Help Desk, 2018.jpg
Help Desk
90 cm x 70 cm
Still Life with Bleach, 2017.JPG
Still Life with Bleach
80 cm x 90 cm
Nature Wee, 2017.JPG
Nature Wee
90 cm x 80 cm