Heyse Ip

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art

"My recent artworks are the results of a performative and chaotic darkroom. I embrace the materiality of analogue materials; the slipperiness between too much and too little light. Works such as ‘Body’ and The Darkroom is a performative place’, are the self-documentation of my manipulations of these materials and catching the moment just before the material is over-exposed and destroyed. What remains are the varying tones of black and white, the gestural imprints left as remnants of my performative presence. The material nature of the photographic paper is presented as a document of the destructive process in which the work was created. In the piece, “If my hand could trap light like a camera”, a selection of images and objects are remnants of the impossible task of using my hand as both the image surface for photographic emulsion and the contraption used to photograph. Repeatedly washing my hands in chemicals and watching it appear for a short moment and washing away again. The moments of failure in photographing with my hand becomes the centre of the work. All these components allow the viewer to glimpse into the absurdity of the process yet there is a sense poetry in attempting to do the impossible. "
Body s.jpg

150 cm x 132 cm

The darkroom is a performative place s.j
The darkroom is a performative place
50.8 cm x 60.9, 104 cm x 154 cm
If my hand could trap light like a camer
If my hand could trap light like a camera
12 cm x 16 cm,
30 cm x 15 x 15 cm,
26 cm x 18 cm,
12 cm x 12 x 7 cm