Héloïse Delègue

2018,  MA (Hons) Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London

"I grew up between Paris and the South of France, in a family where 2 universes collapsed into one very isolated unit. It was an environment where the decadent aristocratic and intellectual background of my father was interwoven with the world of my eccentric mother who came from a very modest and traditional background. In this context , I developed a method of reflecting reality through fiction and fantasy by narrating stories to myself as a way to exit this self contained bubble. It is then that I started interrogating what it means to be “in relation to”. My practice quasi resembles an autofiction process through voyeurism. I move through painting, writing, making videos and textiles as proposals for a continuous commitment to chart the facts of feeling, whatever they are, and at whatever the cost. Through my own vulnerabilities and interrelationships, I am aiming at interrogating the strangeness of intimacy, sexuality and possibly reach a flattening of hierarchies between genders. My works deal with new possible meanings that can be revealed through the juxtaposition of distinctive and blurred elements. Almost everything I make remains open-ended, ambiguous and purposely non linear in its reading. Bits of carpets may look like cat food, headless bodies may look like ceramic pots, tentacles may look like hooks, and romantic poetry might meet up with a news feed about the rare shell orientation of a snail that prevented him from mating. Drawing on the rhythms of everyday pop-up associations, slippages of language and texts and more specific performative actions including myself and others as fragmented events that merge life and art, I intend to create a codified structure to question individual and collective desires in contrast with their failed projections."
2-Mommy said it wasn't a joke_80x60cm_Mi
Mommy said it wasn't a joke

80 cm x 60 cm

Seductor gangs and mustard trails.jpg
Seductor gangs and mustard trails
150 cm x 130 cm
delightful disappointments (installation
Delightful disappointments

750 cm x 290 cm