Hannah Campbell-Wharam

2018, BA(Hons) Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton
The illusory and physical surface of these paintings is inspired by the natural and urban world. The contours and ridges of the works can look celestial, like moonscapes, or images of molecular biology, or bright and abstract like aestheticized street-art, but both are inspired by what is uniquely human; the ability to appreciate the visual, and could be described as an attempt to revitalise the experience of divinity in a secular world with a practice that lies outside the confines of traditional iconography. I have addressed these concepts in my works as a vehicle to investigate the divide between painting, performance and installation. Paint on canvas, hanging on a wall, is generally assigned space within the specific discipline of painting; in my work however the stretchers are frequently made in abstract shape, and the process of making and the final installation of my works on the wall is of significant importance. The imagery is inspired by the world around - by the contours of nature, the ripple of stones across the beach, and the violent collision of the waves and sea. Personal threads are woven throughout; colours, shapes and emotional reactions, and a desire to evoke a sense of the transcendental. 

150cm x 100cm


120cm x 120cm


210cm x 150cm