Hyun Ah Kwon

2018, MA, Central Saint Martins, UAL

"Part 1. Room Series When I lived in Davis, California, a few years ago, I travelled to many different places, like lake Tahoe, Death Valley, San Francisco, San Diego and Yosemite National Park. The experience of being immersed in landscapes on such a vast scale made me understand more clearly what philosophers like Kant meant when they
discussed the experience of the Sublime. After this realisation I became much more aware of the existence within me of a spirituality that embraces and celebrates the limits of our understanding of the world we live in and the universe beyond. The works that emerged from these profound experiences were the ‘Room Series’. I chose this counter-intuitive title as I wanted to use the image of a domestic space that we feel close to, that we understand intimately, as a metaphor for how each of us subjectively lives in the world and how our mind engages with experiences and interactions with our wider surroundings from this personal space.
Part 2. Sound Drawing Sound-art is another part of my practice. During my study on the MA at Central Saint Martins I took part in a Sounds & Spaces group session in the British Library where our tutor encouraged us to close our eyes and just concentrate on the sound immediately surrounding us. Among the corridors, toilet, cafe and other places, I was particularly fascinated by the sound of silence of the Reading Room. Inside of the Reading Room the only things that people are allowed to bring are pencils and laptops. It meant that only a very low level of sound could be heard. At first, I thought it was silent, but when I concentrated on the soundscape around me, the low level sounds became clearer. I could hear the sound of turning pages, of pencil upon paper, coughs and sneezes, and the whispering sounds of people talking to each other. I was not allowed to draw Inside the Reading Room, so I used a pencil to trace the sound events that I could hear and this was the starting point for my sound drawing experiments that followed."
Light Through The Window (Project No.3) 
300 cm x 300 cm