Gretel Warner

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, London Metropolitan University

"Through my work I depict my experiences as a young woman in today's society. My work explores themes and issue central to womanhood, body-image, ownership and gender politics. I aim to create work that resonates with other like-minded individuals but also that informs those of a different generation, culture or sex. I use my art-work as a tool of communication in order to shed light on issues that I would struggle to rear otherwise. Through creating art I am able to create a platform that allows my voice to be heard, injustices to challenged and celebrations to be made; celebrating individuality, equality and the fluidity of identity. In order to communicate my ideas and experiences I make use of whatever method or practice that feels most appropriate. I predominantly paint on paper, as I believe it to be the most effective manner to deal with themes central to my work. I am able to explore sensitive, personal and political matters; demonstrating sensitivity and emotion through the type of marks I choose to make. Materials and equipment associated with street-art and ‘tagging’ have lent themselves to my practice allowing me to demonstrate a more contemporary approach to painting with the use of vivacious and kitsch colours and neon lights. There is something very political about graffiti and the idea of permission, which complements the themes and subjects central to my work, making the use of these materials entirely appropriate."
Body Like a Poster Girl..jpg
Body Like a Poster Girl.
300 cm x 150 cm
Self-Portrait Canvases..png
Self-Portrait Canvases.
150 cm x 100 cm each