Grace Payne

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Southampton

"My art is focused around identity, my identity, which becomes universal. Identity is a conflict; it is something that I can change and something that remains constant. I use my identity to address themes of being a transracial adoptee and person of colour and how there is an engagement between displacement and otherness with digital and analogue. I like how these realms become compartmentalised through the metaphorical use of being at and away from the keyboard. I work in video creating predominantly animations using photographs, specifically filmed footage and screen recordings. They become songs, spoken word pieces and monologues. Sometimes not spoken by me or spoken with a pitched voice, the question of who the video identifies with is left unclear, making connections to our online and offline involvements.
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Screenshot (24).png
Kantrida Blocks 
Digital image


 3 x 3 metres space